15 Best Zodiac Sign Pairings

By Tassie Zingaro Apr 25, 2023
See what zodiac sign should your partner be born under for you to make the best couple ever!

Some signs are more likely to build a romantic relationship; others might need a special effort to form a successful union. But can you tell right away which signs are soul mates? Some Zodiac couples complement each other; others are very similar, which allows for an effortless understanding. Find out which signs are compatible with each other!

Pisces and Taurus

The further two signs are in the zodiac, the better connection they are able to form. Taurus and Pisces are far apart enough to understand each other well and build strong emotional ties. The relationship of the Bull and the Fishes is usually a successful one, filled with happiness and understanding. The inborn dreaminess of Pisces is counterbalanced by the practicality of Taurus. Together, they make a harmonious couple.

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Aries and Libra

Ruled by the opposing planets of passion, Libra and Aries are a perfect illustration of the saying about attracting opposites. However, they have a lot in common, too: both Aries and Libra love socializing, they eagerly embrace innovations and breathe life into any lifeless deal they come across. By joining forces, the Ram and the Scales can achieve a lot and be truly happy in their loud and eventful relationship.

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Aries and Gemini

Just like real air is essential for the real fire to burn bright, the Air sign of Gemini keeps the Fire sign Aries cheered. Together, they can solve issues, stay optimistic, and make excellent lemonade out of the lemons life gives them. No trouble is a challenge if the Ram and the Twins face it with their forces joined. And if they fail, they will have one good big laugh together. Their relationship is filled with passion and positive tension.

Scorpio and Cancer

The two Water signs are able to form a union of soul mates, passionate and jealous. However, they both are as possessive as they are loyal, so fidelity will never be an issue for the Scorpion and the Crab. If anyone poses a threat to their relationship, Cancer and Scorpio will take some decisive action like French-kiss in public to ward off unwanted claimers.

Sagittarius and Leo

This is a union of fire. Sag and Leo are both ambitious and energetic; each is slightly too dynamic even on their own, but when they unite, it’s all fireworks. There is nothing medium about this relationship; both signs will go to extremes to keep each other happy and satisfied. However, it does not mean that they force each other to sweat their guts out just for the fun of it. Their bond is tight, hardly breakable; the Archer and the Lion encourage each other to turn dreams into reality and offer excellent support along the way.


Virgo and Aquarius

With the distance lying between the signs in the Zodiac circle, Virgo and Aquarius are very unlikely to meet, but once they do, they will live happily ever after. They are as opposite as can be, and yet they attracted to each other like metal is attracted to a magnet. Virgo, the analyst, joins Aquarius, the empath, to form a relationship where differences turn into advantages. Both their personalities are too strong to adapt to the other’s needs, but the mutual respect for each other’s opinions explains why this unlikely relationship can be so strong and happy.

Capricorn and Taurus

The Taurus-Capricorn couple is a perfect match. They have matching natures, matching characters, and even their outfits are often matching. Being around them feels classy. The Bull and the Goat know how to discuss other people’s drawbacks in a kind, trusted way with the sole aim of giving quality advice and improvement guidelines. The thing is, neither of the signs creates the same impression when regarded separately, but their union amazes by its perfect harmony and unparalleled beauty, both physical and spiritual.

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Pisces and Scorpio

Both Pisces and Scorpio are Water signs, hence the unusually strong connection that exists between them. They are the soul mates of the Zodiac; their relationship reveals hidden sides of their personalities, making the combination of the two much more than just the sum. It’s a union of hearts and minds, the one that makes a better person out of each of them. The Fishes and the Scorpion form a duo that exists in a cloud of romance and respect, with maybe a slight kinky streak that wards off boredom.


Gemini and Virgo

If you have a weirdo friend that can dial your number in the middle of the night and tell you about the inevitability of the world’s end that has just occurred to them because they’ve noticed a strange curve in one of their cactus’s needles, well, you might understand what the relationship of Virgo and Gemini is like. They are both a version of this friend, only way sharper and in love. The Twins and the Maiden are obstinate, unwilling to change opinions or curb their feelings. Their emotional openness is a great asset to their relationship.

Aries and Capricorn

The Goat and the Ram are not very likely to form a relationship, but once they do, their union will be stable and happy. Aries and Capricorn make a great team, unbeatable and productive. One must be exceptionally dumb to mess with the couple, as their joined stubbornness, diligence, and drive can move mountains. The Aries-Capricorn duo is moving to a very special beat that makes them stand out from the crowd.

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Gemini and Libra

What happens if you pack smarts and love into one relationship? That’s right, you’ll get a happy union, just like the one Gemini and Libra are very likely to form. Ruled by the element of Air, the signs could not be more different: Libra aims at compromise, while Gemini enjoys a heated argument. This controversy, however, is probably the thing that helps them coexist in harmony. Their union is sure to work especially well if both signs get a chance to have some alone time, to recharge, and rekindle the passion that is typical of a Gemini-Libra relationship.


Aries and Sagittarius

Located almost opposite each other in the zodiac, Aries and Sag are unbelievably compatible. Their union is characterized by enthusiasm and fiery passion. They willingly give their love; their affection is not only openly displayed, it is increasing with time. The Ram and the Archer form a fun couple that is always on the move. It’s impressive how they manage to find energy for so much action, but this stamina is their thing.

Pisces and Cancer

Intuitive, caring Cancer finds a great match in the passionate, empathic Pisces. Their love is picture-perfect, hidden from the public eye, and thus highly enviable. But Cancer and Pisces are both known for their secretiveness; they are unwilling to tell about their happiness on every street corner. This is logical and, frankly, worthy of respect. A relationship like theirs has to be cherished and treasured. Love like Pisces and Cancer’s is a rare, valuable thing.

Virgo and Taurus

Practical Virgo is joined by even more practical Taurus to form a union of reason and honesty. Both signs aim at a stable relationship; both will travel long distances to make things work between them. Their love is unconditional, devoted, and pure. Their partnership is lifelong and productive.


Aries & Aquarius

Located close in the zodiac circle, the Ram and the Water Bearer are still too different by nature. However, this only helps them achieve perfect understanding: they both know when it’s better to spend some time alone and when it is time to join forces. Their inborn love of adventure makes their relationship anything, but boring. Aries and Aquarius make up one of the best zodiac teams, a union of travelers looking forward to the next thrilling experience to share.

If you haven’t found the combination of your and your significant other’s signs on the list, do not worry! Uncommon Zodiac pairings can work very well, too, sometimes even better than the ones predetermined by the stars. Astrology can’t decide for you; you are the driving force in your relationship, and if you feel this is what you want and this is the person you truly love, then just be happy!

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